Snow Plowing

Hassle free, dependable snow removal. That's what you get when you contract with Tahoe Park Snow Job for a seasonal snow plow contract. We've been providing snow plow services to the West Shore of Lake Tahoe since 1999.

Traditional 35 ton Loader-based tractors and excavation Skid Steer tractors are more damaging to driveways and landscaping than TPSJ's lightweight, fully articulating Holder tractors and Caterpillar 907 mini-Loaders.

Why TPSJ for my snow removal?

 Our competitor’s send a blanket contract out to all every season mass marketing. There are many differences between here are a few of the reasons we maintain our clients year after year.

1. Our competitors are Excavators using excavation equipment to plow snow.

We are a Full service snow removal company. A Skid Steer tractors or 35 Ton loaders will cause significantly more damage over time to your driveway especially the edges breaking off and chain damage. Excavation Equipment for snow it’s the old fashion way of plowing snow, ramping and smashing is how they go.

2. Their service starts November 1st and stops on April 15th no matter what!

We continue if there are later storms until April 30th at our discretion, and start service at the first significate storm.

3. Their service contract sates one plow in a 24-hour period or once a day.

For those big storms read their contract carefully they may come back for the berm but you don’t guarantee it We Do!

We make a minimum of two visits in a 24 hour pieriod. 

4. The old saying “You get what you pay for”

We know we are a little more but our service commitment and communication to your clients is unmatched in the snow removal services in Lake Tahoe.

5. We take the time and effort to offer several fundamental services to our clients.

By packaging any or all of our services our clients receive savings the other companies don’t even offer.

6. Radio dispatch in all of our tractors.

If there is a need for additional or emergency service we have many tractors crisscrossing the area to respond. No other company offers this.

7. One of our most popular services is our weather center page on our web site.

Our Tractors 

Fully articulating, hydrostatic independent drive. When compared to a Bobcat skid steer-type tractor or a 35,000 pound loader, our tractors do virtually no damage to your driveway.

Commercial Snow Blowers 

We use only commercial snow blowers - No blades and No bucket loaders means No huge snow ramps that crush your driveway and landscaping and stay for months at the end of the season. 


We offer extra savings with early sign-up and combination discounts for winter Snow Removal and summer Asphalt Driveway Sealing and Repairs, Defensible Space and Tree Removal Service.

Start Sooner, Stay Out Longer

Most companies start service November 1st and end April 15th We start at the first significant storm of the season and never leave you hanging, if it snows significantly we will plow late storms through the entire month of April at our discretion.


Communications – Live Twitter Feed

Live, Real-Time Twitter feed on our website's Weather Center page gives real-time updates on current conditions and road closures. No more guessing on weather and road conditions.