Asphalt Sealing & Repairs

TPSJ Inc. performs patching repairson driveways and parking lots. If your driveway or lot requires more significant work, such as a complete overlay – or if you need a new driveway or parking lot – we can coordinate with our paving division to give you one comprehensive estimate. 

Research conducted by Western Colloid shows that Park-To TM sealant is well-suited to the harsh Sierra Nevada environment.  This commercial grade material contains a high ratio of solid matter – including shale, sand and clay – which makes it very durable.  TPSJ Inc's comparison of Park-Top and other brands' performance over many years confirms that Park-Top is the best choice for this difficult environment. 

Asphalt Sealing

Driveway and Parking Lot Sealing helps to enclose the porous asphalt surface, reducing the chance of sub-surface water damageand greatly extending the life of your driveway or parking lot.

Crack Repairs

Crack Filling minimizes the amount of water that penetrates down into the base driveway material, which over time will erode the driveway foundation.


A multi-step process is used to prepare your driveway for optimal sealing. TPSJ, Inc. starts with a combination of high pressure washing, brushing and blowers as needed to clean the asphalt surface. Debris is then cut out along the edges of the driveway, around the entire perimeter. This debris clearing is very important, as it allows the PARK-TOP Asphalt Sealer to lay over and encapsulate the edges of the driveway, thus covering the driveway completely. This gives the best possible protection from the elements. 

Crack Fills & Repairs

fter the asphalt has been prepared, TPSJ Inc. applies cold or hot sealers to cracks as needed. There have been many technological advances in crack fills in recent years; old-school hot crack fill is not always the best fill for all surfaces.

For each driveway, TPSJ Inc. custom-selects the best asphalt filler and application method available, depending on the driveway surface needs.